Welcome, friend.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Carlisle, roving collector of tales and prober of curiosities.

My personal touch can be found on all you see here. I am reporter, editor and author all.

It is, perhaps, the natural law of writing: that writers should focus on what they know best. And we here at The Periodical, Forlorn are not so arrogant as to think ourselves

above nature.

I and my agents Danger Callahan and Ceilidh Campbell are all, in some respect, "beyond the usual." And it is tales in this vein--the grim, the grey, the grotesque--to which we find ourselves drawn.

We are ambassadors of the weird and the wild. And we like it this way.

So stop awhile and peruse all that's catalogued here.

And if you have a strange tale of your own, pray share it with us.