Volume I, Issue VI: Mythos Reborn

Volume I, Issue VI: Mythos Reborn


Mythology is the subject of the sixth and final issue of the first volume of The Periodical, Forlorn.


From the devil, to Greek gods and goddeses, and the A-list celebrities of myths from the world over: you've probably heard of the figures in most of these stories.


But you've never seen them like this before. This issue asked authors to reinterpret a figure or creature from myth. In this issue, you'll find 12 original works of short fiction from a slate of contributing authors.


Editor-in-chief Carlisle has also opened the magazine's archives for your reading pleasure.


This .zip file includes a .pdf copy of the magazine, an .epub file of the magazine, and a .jpg image of the issue's cover.


Please be aware: this magazine features works in the horror genre and contains language and imagery that may not be suitable for all readers.